Hey there, shoe enthusiasts! Autumn is finally here, and you know what that means – it's time to kick up those leaves in style with the hottest women's trainer trends of 2023. To echo the words of Proto Collective CEO Katie Longmyer, “Sneakers are the perfect combination of function for every activity, an expression of personal style, and a way to display your values.” We couldn’t agree more! Whether you're pounding the pavement, brunching with the girls, or looking to make a statement, Finily has got you covered. So, let's lace up and dive into the latest trainer trends for autumn 2023.


Chunky Vibes for Days

It's all about going bold and chunky this season. Say hello to oversized soles and extra cushioning. Chunky trainers are back with a vengeance, and we're loving it! With ultra-grippy treads, thick soles, hiking boot laces, and vibrant neon accents,  these shoes not only add a trendy edge to your look but also provide fantastic support for all-day wear. They pair beautifully with both leggings and dresses, making them a versatile addition to your autumn wardrobe.


A Splash of Colour for Autumn

This season, white trainers are taking a backseat, making way for a burst of colourful styles. While classic white sneakers are, of course, timeless and versatile, the trend for autumn 2023 leans towards sneakers adorned with vivid accents. These colourful trainers have the power to infuse excitement into even the simplest of outfits. Whether you're rocking a minimalist classic with a trench coat and jeans or opting for a pared-down business look with a shirtdress, sneakers in hues like pink, yellow, or blue create captivating contrasts, injecting a unique twist into your ensemble.


Sustainable Chic

In a world that's increasingly eco-conscious, sustainable trainers are having their moment. Vegan trainers may not be new or the latest craze, but in 2023, they're undeniably becoming a staple choice for the conscious consumer. From getting creative with materials like mushroom and grape leather to reducing the environmental footprint of production, the fashion world is diving headfirst into sustainable practices. It's not just about style; it's about making a positive impact. Choose trainers that make both your feet and the planet happy, and you'll be on-trend in every way.


Retro Revival

The 80s and 90s are back in a big way, and trainers are no exception. From classic Reeboks to the iconic, football-inspired Adidas Samba, retro trainer styles are making a triumphant return. High-top basketball silhouettes like Nike Air Jordan and Air Force 1 are also regaining popularity, showcasing timeless colour combinations that are simply irresistible. These nostalgic kicks are perfect for adding a touch of vintage flair to your autumn outfits. So, raid your wardrobe or grab a pair of these classics to keep up with the trend!


So, ladies, there you have it – the top women's trainer trends for Autumn 2023. From colourful shoes to sustainable options, there's something for everyone this season. Remember, it's not just about keeping up with the trends; it's about expressing your unique style. Head over to Finily.com to explore our curated collection of trainers. Find the perfect pair that matches your personality and showcases your autumn spirit. Happy shoe shopping!