Welcome to the future of footwear! The year 2024 is all about breaking boundaries and embracing styles that redefine the sneaker game. Whether you're a fitness fanatic, a fashionista, or just someone looking for comfort with a touch of flair, this year's trainer trends have got you covered. Join us as we explore the hottest styles, from vintage vibes to futuristic sparkle, in the realm of trainers.


Vintage Vibes: Classic Designs, 70s Throwbacks, Retro Basketball Inspired

Step into the past with a nod to nostalgia! Vintage trainers are making a triumphant comeback in 2024, bringing back classic designs, 70s throwbacks, and retro basketball-inspired kicks. It's all about embracing the timeless styles that never go out of fashion. Think clean lines, black, white or beige colours, and that unmistakable old-school cool. Whether you're a fan of the iconic Chuck Taylor All Stars or crave the sleek look of retro basketball sneakers, vintage vibes are here to stay.


On the Run: Running Trainers

Embracing the gorpcore aesthetic and recognizing that comfort remains a top priority for many, running trainers emerge as the perfect fusion of fashion and functionality. Bright and vivid colours are likely to be big, so ditch the dull and embrace the bold with eye-catching hues that demand attention. From emerald green to electric blues, these trainers not only provide the comfort and support you need during your workout, but also ensure you stand out in the crowd. Say goodbye to sacrificing style for comfort – 2024 is all about having both in one package!


Shining Bright: The Allure of Metallic Trainers

Metallics are having a major moment in the trainer world. Notably, the silver Wales Bonner x Adidas trainers have become a sensation, flying off the shelves over the past few months. While metallics may seem hard to pull off to those accustomed to neutral tones, fear not – footwear serves as the perfect canvas to experiment with the look without committing to a full ensemble.  Whether you pair them with casual wear or dress them up for a night out, metallic trainers, especially in silver, are a surefire way to make a statement.


Sparkle and Shine: Trainers with Tactile Embellishments

Who says trainers can't be glamorous? Sparkly trainers are stealing the scene with tactile embellishments that add a touch of magic to your every step. Drawing inspiration from the edgy yet playful feel of Simone Rocha's ballet-style trainers – a viral sensation online – this trend has become an absolute favourite. From glittery accents to sequins and rhinestones, these trainers are all about making a statement. Get ready to shine bright and stand out with trainers that redefine the meaning of stylish footwear.


Pretty in Pink: The Timeless Allure of Pink Trainers

In 2023, Barbie pink took the fashion world by storm, and guess what? It's here to stay! This timeless hue is more than just a trend – it's a wardrobe staple. Brands like Adidas have championed the pink movement, crafting entire collections around this colour. From soft pastels to bold fuchsias, pink trainers add a playful and feminine touch to any ensemble. The versatility of pink trainers knows no bounds –pair them with a neutral ensemble for a pop of colour, or go all out with a monochromatic pink look that exudes fun and flair.


Stride into Style with Finily's Cutting-Edge Trainers

Ready to kick off your style journey? Look no further than Finily, a brand new family-owned fashion brand from London that's setting the bar high in the world of trainers. From the classic Mia to the versatile Claire and the lightweight slip-ons Warmup and Workout, Finily offers cutting-edge designs that are both comfortable and affordable. Visit out online store at Finily.com and step into a world where fashion meets comfort – the perfect blend for the trendsetting individual.