Every year, the Pantone Colour Institute selects a "Colour of the Year" that sets the tone for fashion, design, and beauty trends. The shade that's set to dominate our visual landscape in 2024 is none other than PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz. A velvety gentle peach tone, it's nestled delicately between pink and orange, embodying an all-encompassing spirit that enriches our mind, body, and soul. Poetic, romantic, and with a vintage vibe, Peach Fuzz reflects the past while embracing a contemporary ambiance, making it the perfect hue to navigate the complexities of our modern lives.


Why Peach Fuzz?

In a world marked by turmoil, Pantone's choice of Peach Fuzz as the Colour of the Year is a deliberate nod to our collective need for nurturing, empathy, and compassion. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Colour Institute, points out that amidst life's chaos, we yearn for moments of respite and connection. The selection process revolved around finding a colour that not only embraces the importance of community but also encourages us to foster our inner selves. Peach Fuzz, with its warm and welcoming embrace, symbolizes compassion and empathy. It's a colour that brings people together, offering a cozy sensibility that resonates with the tactile side of human connection.

Leatrice Eiseman beautifully sums it up, stating, "In seeking a hue that echoes our innate yearning for closeness and connection, we chose a colour radiant with warmth and modern elegance. A shade that resonates with compassion, offers a tactile embrace, and effortlessly bridges the youthful with the timeless."


Incorporating Peach Fuzz into Your Wardrobe

Now that Peach Fuzz has earned its prestigious place as the Pantone Colour of the Year, you might be wondering how to infuse this delightful shade into your wardrobe. Here are some easy and stylish ways:

  • Statement pieces: Invest in key wardrobe pieces like a Peach Fuzz tailored blazer, a cosy sweater, or a chic dress. Allow your statement pieces to shine by maintaining a subtle and neutral tone in the rest of your outfit.
  • Accessories: If you're a bit tentative, start small with Peach Fuzz accessories. A handbag, scarf, or a pair of shoes can add a subtle touch of this trendy hue to your outfit. We recommend choosing gold as the accent metal, as it will beautifully complement the warmth of the colour.
  • Mix and Match: Don't shy away from experimenting. Pair Peach Fuzz with neutrals like white, beige, or grey for a sophisticated look. Alternatively, mix it with bolder colours such as emerald green or navy blue for a vibrant and eclectic style. Consider playful options like floral prints, classic stripes, or even subtle geometric patterns to add a captivating visual interest to your ensemble.


As we step into the Peach Fuzz era of 2024, let's embrace the nurturing and compassionate energy it brings. And with numerous ways to incorporate Peach Fuzz into your wardrobe, from statement pieces to accessories and playful patterns, you have a myriad of options to express your style!


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